Friday, April 23, 2010

Mt Desolation

I can't be bothered retyping what's already been suitably typed so here it is, in someone else's words.

There’s a new supergroup brewing that includes members of The Killers, Keane, Mumford and Sons and Noah And The Whale. Known as Mt Desolation, the collaborative effort will release an as-yet untitled album later this year. So far, two song names have sprung up from home-brew demos, ‘Departure’ and ‘Annie Ford’.

The album will apparently have a distinct country sound, although the writing duo behind it admit that “two English men trying to sing like Hank Williams [is] definitely a recipe for disaster”. It sounds interesting, at least.

The project is spearhead by Keane keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley and occasional Keane bassist Jesse Quin, but will also feature The Killers’ drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Noah And The Whale fiddle player Tom Hobden, Mumford And Sons banjo player Winston Marshall and the Long Winters’ guitarist John Roderick, among others.

- Musicfeeds

Here's hoping they'll be half as good as their collective cult following would suggest.

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