Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Luke Webb

It struck me this afternoon that I'd not written about a local artist yet. Sure, my first post was about the middle east but they're a band that hardly need a nudge towards success. They are all over it despite a complete disregard for self promotion. They may well have seen success much earlier than they did and probably wouldn't have had to break up to blow up if they'd given even the slightest thought to marketing their music. Anyway, this isn't about the middle east even though they've just done a live set full of new tracks for KCRW while at SXSW (segway be my name).

This is about Luke Webb. Luke is from the [Blue] Mountains and is like the Middle East in that he rules but didn't strike while the iron is hot. His album has been out for about 6 months now though it took him a solid three years to get it written and recorded.

"If he's so great, how come I've never heard of him?"

Good question. You haven't heard of him because you've been sitting way too tight waiting for the next Shins album to come out. Far out, you love those guys a lot. I guess he's had some small level of exposure. He's played blackstump festival years ago and he recently won the Telstra National Songwriter's competition. I bet you feel like an idiot now, getting all up in my face with your questions. Luke writes songs that can safely be called folk. Or country, maybe. I'm not sure. More clearcut country folk than alternative country/folk though. He writes pretty, simple, easy to listen to songs and he's a stand up guy so if you want to get his new record it's available from his myspace

Listen to Luke Webb's Keep This Fire:


  1. yayyy! I know this post is way old, but the more support this guy gets, the better.

  2. I know, right? I am in love with Luke Webb.