Monday, March 29, 2010

The Tallest Man On Earth - Where I Thought I Met The Angels

The Tallest Man on Earth can do no wrong. When once I would have said it was impossible for an acoustic song at sunset to come off as anything but horribly contrived I now know better. Swedish Kristian Matsson sings simple, acoustic (and ocassionally banjo) centric folk songs laced with lyrical genius. I guess he's a little bit like Dylan but a more accessible Dylan.

The Wild Hunt is the title of Tallest Man's second album and it's due out on April 13. If I had actually heard it then I could give you a better assessment but I haven't so this will be all guesswork. It's the single best album to have come out ever, including all albums, since always and I say this without the use of hyperbole. And even if that's not a true judgement, it's still a blazing good record. Like Shallow Grave there's not a song on their that isn't a quality 3 minutes unto itself. As they say it's 'all killer, no filler'

Funnily enough I'm not going to stream a song from the album itself but a B-side that was released on the King of Spain single (the first single from the Wild Hunt). It's called Where I Thought I Met The Angels. It's would be the gentlest song by the TMOE were it not for the Daytrotter Session he recorded (which is also excellent).

The Tallest Man On Earth - Where I Thought I Met The Angels:

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Middle East - Dirty Looks

If the Middle East aren't already on your radar then heaven knows where you've been the past five years. They've got an ever tightening strangehold on the Australian folk scene and with an impending full-length release in 2010 it's probably a case of the up and up. Anyway, this isn't just a 'heads up' for an artists that's been 'making waves' for 'ages'. I write this to bring to light a new song they've released as part of a special edition release of 'The Recordings of the Middle East' on itunes. If it sounds familiar it's probably because they've been playing it live for the past year or so. I had thought it would surface on the forthcoming released yet here I stand, dead wrong but pleased.

The song can be downloaded here