Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Local Natives

Three part harmonies are crazy in right now so take this opportunity to get involved. You may have missed the boat with Mumford and Sons and now they're too popular for you to buy their album but it doesn't have to happen twice.

In truth Local Natives don't really sound anything like Mumford. Pitchfork says they have a bit of Dodos, a little Fleet Foxes and even some Grizzly Bear and I think that's all fair. They don't do anything staggeringly new, but hell, it sounds good.

They also have one of the best Daytrotter sessions I've heard so give that a spin too.

Wide Eyes is the first track from Gorilla Manor which came out in November last year so it's not a new release but it's something worth listening to if you haven't already.

Local Natives - Wide Eyes

Local Natives on Daytrotter
Local Natives on Myspace
Buy this album on iTunes

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