Monday, June 21, 2010


Geographer are a three piece outfit that balance pretty vocals with nintendoesque beeps. The vocals remind me a little of The Whitest Boy Alive/Kings of Convenience. It's pretty chill, you'll like it. Remember when I first played you Kings of Convenience in my car and you were all, "it's straight-up chillfest 07 up in here!". Of course not. You were so drunk that night, you spewed all down the side of my car and didn't even clean it off. I used a whole can of Armourall to get that goop off. So I think that sums up why you'll like Geographer. Enjoy.

Geographer - Kites

Animal Shapes EP is available from eMusic and iTunes. It's probably available elsewhere too but those are the only two anyone should ever use.

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