Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jinja Safari - Peter Pan

One of the merits of my internship is that I get to spend hours looking through the artists on Triple J Unearthed. As a result of this, I came across an artist called Jinja Safari who seem to have come out of nowhere. They Created their myspace on the 28th of February this year, so they probably only formed as a band in the month or two prior. Now watch as they explode. They have a solidly defined sound for a band of such recent beginnings. I'm pretty sure there's a sitar somewhere in the chorus of Peter Pan (their only recording) and that's an inclusion I don't think anyone can take lightly. You can never overestimate the importance of a sitar. One time I failed to recognise the presence of a sitar and developed a pretty serious fungal infection. Friends have tried to tell me that the sitar had no bearing on my infection but I think the evidence is pretty compelling.

Jinja Safari - Peter Pan

(CLICK HERE to visit Jinja Safari's Triple J Unearthed page to download Peter Pan for free)

Afro-pop. Is it cool if I say afro-pop? I hope so. I think this is afro-pop. I couldn't list the features of afro-pop but it's popularized by artists like Paul Simon and Vampire Weekend. That's the kind of vibe Jinja Safari give me. Their artistic output seems to be centered around ideas of youth and adventure. Spec a few of their photoshoot images if their sound alone doesn't convince you:

"So what if I'm wearing a monkey hat? It's only weird to you because you don't understand what it really means to be a musician"

"I don't know how we ended up with this camera effect. I swear we didn't photoshop it. I think my dad's SLR must have had dirt on the lens"

"Dude, I think she's seen us"

If you're keen to find out more, check out their myspace or facebook page. They have their debut show coming up soon in support of Miami Horror at Manning Bar on the 12th of June. A pretty big slot for an artist who have never done a live show if you ask me. They must have some serious connections.


  1. do Toto fit into the afro-pop category? :p

  2. I don't think that's unreasonable :)