Monday, March 29, 2010

The Tallest Man On Earth - Where I Thought I Met The Angels

The Tallest Man on Earth can do no wrong. When once I would have said it was impossible for an acoustic song at sunset to come off as anything but horribly contrived I now know better. Swedish Kristian Matsson sings simple, acoustic (and ocassionally banjo) centric folk songs laced with lyrical genius. I guess he's a little bit like Dylan but a more accessible Dylan.

The Wild Hunt is the title of Tallest Man's second album and it's due out on April 13. If I had actually heard it then I could give you a better assessment but I haven't so this will be all guesswork. It's the single best album to have come out ever, including all albums, since always and I say this without the use of hyperbole. And even if that's not a true judgement, it's still a blazing good record. Like Shallow Grave there's not a song on their that isn't a quality 3 minutes unto itself. As they say it's 'all killer, no filler'

Funnily enough I'm not going to stream a song from the album itself but a B-side that was released on the King of Spain single (the first single from the Wild Hunt). It's called Where I Thought I Met The Angels. It's would be the gentlest song by the TMOE were it not for the Daytrotter Session he recorded (which is also excellent).

The Tallest Man On Earth - Where I Thought I Met The Angels:

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  1. The Tallest Man On Earth's album Shallow Grave is beautiful.
    I especially love "The Gardener". Looking forward to the new album.

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